How do China patriots dress? How should they dress?

One should use a little caution, depending partly on where you live. Unfortunately, the U.S. is a land of ignorant bigots and phony patriots. Showcasing your support for China could get you heckled or assaulted. Yet that’s precisely whey people should wear in-your-face designs. Free speech would vanish if no one pushed the envelope.

Some of the designs featured on this page are designed for display against light or dark backgrounds. However, many can be displayed on a variety of backgrounds.

In the end, you’ll just have to experiment until you find the tone that’s right for you and the design that best complements that tone. Some websites, including Zazzle, allow you to combine and modify various designs and customize your designs further by adding text.


If you would like help creating something special, feel free to contact me.

If there’s a particular image or combination of images (and text) that you like, but you can’t find it in any of my stores, please contact me.

Dragons ˆ

What would a celebration of China be without dragons?

Dragon Designs

Viva China! ˆ

Many of my designs include the Chinese characters that say “Viva China.”

Viva China

Mr. Skeptic ˆ

Before we continue, let me introduce Mr. Skeptic. Already familiar to fans of my conspiracy works, I have incorporated him into a number of China Patriot designs.

Mr. Skeptic

Discs ˆ

Most of these curricular designs feature the stars from China’s flag, Mr. Skeptic, or both.

Circular Designs

Oval Viva China with Flags ˆ

The designs below feature “Viva China” above the flags representing China and its sore-loser rival, the U.S.

Oval Designs

Media Lies ˆ

The designs below were inspired by some of the media’s most familiar lies. Scroll down to see some of the responses you can pair them with.

Media Lies

Comebacks ˆ

Here are some clever (and logical) responses to the media’s lies.


Newspapers ˆ

If you’re in a media-bashing mood, check out some of my designs focusing on newspapers and TV …


Now we can put the pieces together to create our own little smackdown …


URLs ˆ

Why bash the media without offering some wholesome alternatives? These small, colorful designs direct people to one of the most notable pro-China websites.


Personalize it! ˆ

The designs below can function as text boxes or speech bubbles. You can choose between black, red, jade green, or yellow background colors. The first collection is tailored to URLs, names, or abbreviations.

Text Boxes

These designs offer a little more space.

Text Ovals
Text Ovals with URLs
My Name

For even more space, try these designs.

Text Rectangles
My Message

Misc. Designs ˆ

Below are a few additional designs.

Misc. Designs